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Q:  Is it possible to attend the service even though I’m not Christian? Do I have to be a

      church member to attend?

A:  No, the call of God is to everyone and to all. There are no prior conditions.

Q:  I don’t speak English very well. Can I still understand the service?

A:  We provide a printed order of worship in English to follow along in the service. There is 

     also a Japanese Bible study at 9:30AM where the sermon passage is discussed.

Q:  How do people dress for worship? Is there a dress code?

A:  Come as you are, God is not concerned with your outward appearance but with your     

     spiritual awareness. You will find here people dressed up, and people dressed casually,

     whatever is comfortable for them.

Q: What can I expect on Sunday?

A:  As you make your way through any of our entrance, you’ll find one of our church 

     families acting as ushers. They will hand you a bulletin (order of worship), help you find   

     a seat and offer you the opportunity to fill out our YUC Connection Card for more

     information or prayer requests. Worship usually lasts about 75 minutes. You are

     welcome to join us after worship for an informal fellowship time when drinks and snacks

     are served and where people chat with one another. If you do not wish to socialize we

     will let you depart in peace.

Q:  What do you do in worship?

A:  A.Gathering – a musical prelude invites us to come together and begin to focus on

            worship. A Call to Worship (usually verses from the Bible) invites us in. We Confess     

            our shortcomings before God and receive an Assurance that in Jesus Christ we are  


     B.   The Word – We read sections of the Bible chosen for each Sunday. A message is    

           shared with the children and a sermon is given by one of the pastors.

     C.   Our Response – Having heard the good news of God in Jesus Christ we respond.

           We  affirm our faith, we pray for others, we share some aspect of the work of the  

           church in ministry and mission. We may observe one of the sacraments of Baptism

           or The Lord’s Supper. We receive an offering, giving of our time, talent or treasure        

           to the work of the church.

     D.   Sending – After a closing hymn we are sent back into the world to share good news      

           and take the blessings of God with us on our daily walk.

     E.    Music – The Psalms say to “Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord” – Hymns and songs,   

            ancient and modern are a major part of each service of worship. Our choirs offer

            special anthems and the congregation sings a number of hymns, prayers and            

            responses as the service progresses.

Worship is the foundation of Christian practice. Through a combination of music, corporate prayer, and teaching of God’s Word, we seek authentic and heart-felt worship. From that experience flows our sense of community. Worship transforms our lives and motivates us to serve.

Q:  What about children?

A:  Parents are encouraged to bring their children to worship for the first part of the                

     service and children 5+ to attend worship. Most Sundays there will be children’s

     time where they are invited to the front. Following it the children are excused to their

     parents. There is Children in Worship for 3-7 year olds every Sunday.

Q:  Where to go with questions?

A:  Ushers, Bulletin and the Good News newsletter, call the church office during the week, 

     other worshippers and the pastors.

Q:  What about the Sacraments of Communion and Baptism?

A:  Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ is graciously invited to receive the Sacrament of

     Communion. Through this Sacrament, God’s LOVE and God’s GRACE are freely offered to

     each and all of us. In the breaking of the Bread and the partaking of the Cup, together,

     we share in Christ’s feast of new LIFE.

     We celebrate the Sacrament of Communion on the first Sunday of the month or on             

     Special Sundays of the church year. Those seeking Baptism should speak to the pastor    

     for more information.




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