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History Of Yokohama Union Church


1992 has been declared a year to "REMEMBER AND CELEBRATE". It is a time to remember the 120 years that have passed since the first eleven believers formed the Union Church in 1872. It is also a time to celebrate God's goodness as the Yokohama Union Church has, Iike the city of Yokohama, been able to overcome many difficult trials and build for the future. Upon attainment of shukyo hojin status, the church will be better able to plan its future for an expanded ministry.

Of course, more important than any building is the spirit of fellowship and service shown by its members. In this respect Yokohama Union Church is certainly larger than the building it currently meets in . The congregation, composed of many different nationalities, holds spiritually enriching services for adults and children every Sunday along with weekday activities which are open to anyone who wishes to feel the joy of fellowship with Christ's believers.

One of the major strengths of the church today is in the continuity of its pastoral leadership. The Vander Haars are scheduled to leave in July of 1992, but the Rev.Eugene and Mrs.Joyce Vander Well have been called by the church to continue this ministry beginning in August. They come with spiritual gifts as well as experience gained from having served the International Church of Taipei,Taiwan for seven years.

If the Vander Wells, indeed any interested person, wished to gain a sense of the spirit of the church and its congregation, a spirit that has marked it since the beginning, they could learn it from the following quote.

"The work of the Yokohama Union Church has always been unique. The membership is continually shifting; each year some go on furlough, others leave for business or family reasons or on short notice. The guest book shows visitors from all climes and of all nationalities. Former members, who recall with gratitude their fellowship in this church, are still living in all quarters of the globe.

The church rejoices in the fact that it is interdenominational and international in spirit and membership. It stands as a 'light on the hill' to welcome strangers and to offer homelike hospitality. Its adherents believe that their membership represents an investment in international goodwill and in the kind of Christian unity that is prophetic of the future of the church universal. All credit and praise to those who continue their interest, support and service."(The Yokohama Union Church, Fisher, p. 24)

These words were written in 1932, on the church's 60th anniversary, but they are just as appropriate in 1992 on the church's 120th anniversary. They are an expression of the church's present character and its mission in the future, as it strives to extend the work of building God's Kingdom and serving as his witness to the people of Yokohama, Japan and the world .

We have come together today as members and friends of Yokohama Union Church to give thanks to God for the past, entrusting the future to Him. Thanks be to God!

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